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  • Mai 2015 : Attention : Le bouton PayPal est en train de devenir carnivore ! via @Calimaq
  • PayPal va partager avec Facebook, Criteo, Mediaplex... les données de ses utilisateurs. En opt-out #nasse
  • Last Saturday, we were informed that @Paypal has arbitrarily decided to freeze funds donated to Mailpile through our Indi
  • If you're running a crowdfunding campaign, consider avoiding @PayPal to avoid this kind of problem.
  • paypal a aussi causé des dégats à wikileaks. ... on attend encore les condamnations
  • My Paypal account just got locked by "risc management" because of receiving a donation for work on #piratebox Nice ...
  • "PayPal has seen 70x growth in the last 4 years" - David Marcus, President of Paypal