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Mots-clés : dette, illusion, usine à gaz


Disneyland : the river is fake and the little boat moves only thanks to a especially built Deus ex machina. Our occidental "capitalist" world is also, for long, a true Disneyland. The main Deus ex machina are our debts and all what our master fakers are able to do with our "major" currencies. But if the debt flow slows down, we'll soon have our little businesses/boats slowing down also.

We though we were good car sellers, but was it really this difficult when our customers get in fine there money thru loans or money printers ?

I'm confident our master fakers are doing all there possible for our deus ex machina to continue to work properly, but it seems the Mississipi debt river is now slowly founding more fertile soils to irrigate. (Spain just downgraded by moody's.) Let's hope our second fake motor will not also have problems. Little boats and there passengers begin to stamp.

Source : DailySpec - 2010

Fausse complexité

1. More and more poor education (+ other reasons) makes more and more people incapable of doing something truly useful. More and more people cannot do hard jobs or dirty jobs. Nevertheless, in order for the global system to keep up appearances, those peoples have to got an official occupation. The system works well. Everybody deserves a place in the system. The system is able to provide everybody a place in itself.

2. Putting everybody several hours in front of a TV per day is a first solution, but this does not well maintain the appearances of people working. (Although there is clearly a trend admitting as socialy acceptable that people have more and more of their time leisuring.)

3. The only other solution is to adapt the level of "jobs" to the level of people, i.e make the job simpler simpler and simpler. Hard jobs or dirty jobs being forbidden, the only other possibility left is penpushers. So the system has to create millions of such jobs. But this has to be done in a credible way. So complexity is created everywhere where it is possible, in Europe, in France, new laws, rules, etc are created on a weekly basis. (even our judges don't know the law in full today). There is also a multiplication of levels, each level being able to produce its own laws/rules (fractal complexity). This justifies the creation of thousands of offices, agencies, businesses, etc, officialy to cope with this complexity, but /in fine/ truly only to provide jobs, or better said, occupations. The system is a gigantic gas factory, and one of its main function now is to add each day more and more complexity, more and more pipes, in order to justify hiring people to build and maintain those pipes. Each of us deserves a place as an extra in this global spectacle.

Of course such a system is in deficit, ie not sustainable by itself on the long term. No country can survive with ~40% of the population playing theatre. It has to import most of its energy from outside. Hard and dirty jobs have greatly to be done by outsiders.

We are currently living in a moment where energy importing from our outsides becomes a bit more difficult. This system, in which we became more and more simple "extras" is analyzed in Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord, 1967 (caution: although the book has great ideas, it is not super well written).

Source : DailySpec - 2010

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