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Mots-clés : pillage, dette, parasitisme transgénérationnel,

Our states (we) have generously accorded overvalued pensions based on optimistic/erroneous previsions, (and this resembles very closely to the subprime problem, where today's distribution of houses was based on tomorrow's expectations about their prices.) We thought we were able to build our present houses and our pensions by picking in the future, in the future of our kids, because as everyboby knew, trees were able to grow up to the sky.

The recurrence (in the mathematical sense) was build on the recurrence, but now we see the recurrence changing direction, trees are not growing up indefinitely; what will we do with our promised houses, promised health, promised pensions ? all those things paid by picking money in a infinitely rich future.

There are many excuses for those miscalculations (and not having know a war is probably the biggest excuse) which really made those systems function exactly as a Ponzi scheme. Today's worry is that we are unfortunately at the point where the Ponzi scheme explodes.

We live in interesting times – I also completely agree, on the other hand, looking a bit on the history side, this is not as dramatic as a WWIII.

In France (at least) WWI has seen its young generation slaughtered, while the elder were far less concerned (at least they were not slaughtered).

I wonder if our young generation would accept such a sacrifice? Such endebment for our houses, our healths and our pensions. (Maybe the massive mind-destroying we applied on our children will help them to not understand what we have done? Those days, our French government, like every 2 or 3 years is picking from Pierre's pensions to reverse to Paul's pensions (Pierre is in the private sector and Paul is in the public sector as for each reversal) just around 5/6 billions, nothing to become nervous, and, in fact, nobody seems annoyed, so, as far as today, it seems to work fine). But even those reversal, really –theft–, will not indefinitely be enough. One can only be amazed when one sees that, on one hand, farmers are committing suicide, silently, without revolt, while in the same country, state employees are retiring at 50, having spend 20% of their life striking and with such miserable results. How is such a thing possible? What mental ascendancy is at work to obtain such passivity/resignation, unconsciousness of the horrible injustice of the situation?

… Yes, the coming period will probably be interesting. My hope is also that things will happen with a minimum of violence, but, in a form or another, I doubt our irresponsible generation will escape the hour of truth.

Source : DailySpec - 2010