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An ancient Chinese story

There is an ancient Chinese story about a peasant whose horse ran away.
His neighbors extended their sympathies at the misfortune,
He responded, "Maybe".

The next day the horse returned followed by 6 wild horses.
The neighbors exclaimed at his good luck.
He said , "Maybe".

The next day while trying to ride a wild horse his son broke his leg.
"Too bad!", said the neighbors.
He said , "Maybe".

The next day the government officers came by to conscript soldiers, but the son was excused for his injury.
When the neighbors exclaimed how well it all worked out,
He simply said, "Maybe".

Petite historiette qui serait à méditer par tous nos grands visionnaires planificateurs ... s'ils n'étaient pas si géniaux bien sûr.

L'article original : (Thanks to Jim Sogi for this nice story.)

Un lecteur sinophile signale qu'il s'agit d'un chengyu très fréquemment utilisé en chinois : When the old man from the frontier lost his horse, how could one have known that it would not be fortuitous ?

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