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Petite liste, très en vrac, de bouquins recommandables

  • The Last Kings of Thule - Jean Malaurie, about ordinary heroes
  • Many of Giono's books, eg Regain - J. Giono (in french onl)
  • Many of Pierre Magnan books
  • Dava Sobel's Longitude
  • Order Out of Chaos by I. Prigogine
  • L'imprévu by I. Ekeland (in french only)
  • Des rythmes au chaos by P. Bergé, Y. Pomeau, M. Dubois-Gance, 1994.
  • For pointing an interesting trail, Deep Simplicity: Bringing Order to Chaos and Complexity by John Gribbin.
  • The Foundations of Ethology by K. Lorenz
  • Studies in Animal and Human Behavior by- K. Lorenz
  • The First Three Minutes: A Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe by Steven Weinberg
  • Mon oncle d'Amérique by A. Resnais (in French only)

1. La Nouvelle alliance - avec Isabelle Stengers, 1986, ISBN 2-0703-2324-2 2. Les lois du chaos (Le leggi del caos) - 1993, ISBN 2-0821-0220-3

I think 1. is : Prigogine, Ilya; Stengers, Isabelle (1984). Order out of Chaos: Man's new dialogue with nature. Flamingo. ISBN 0006541151. Unfortunately, I don't know if 2/ was translated in English.

Both books are clearly written (but not always easy). It appears I. Prigogine did a great work as a contemporaneous scientist. But in those books he also achieves a truly impressive history of science job. It's this sort of book you just regret to not have read earlier.